Serving a broad spectrum of Clients and project types, ECSI’s comprehensive range of services are offered separately or in combination.

We are available to join the Team at any phase of a project, from early design through construction.

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ECSI Independent Door Hardware Consultants - Services

Partnering with the Design Team, Owner, and Security System Designer, ECSI thoroughly reviews project requirements and the basis of design and:

  • Develops a complete set of Division 08 door hardware and Division 11 detention equipment documents, including the specification preamble and itemized hardware sets, formatted for direct insertion into the Construction Documents
  • Provides customized product data in PDF format to support the specifications
  • Reviews all electronic door hardware requirements and ensures correct integration with security systems and other associated disciplines
  • Reviews Life Safety and Electrical Drawings as they relate to door hardware
  • Reviews substitution requests and analyzes cost comparisons

This crucial phase in every project requires close attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of all available door hardware and detention equipment products, as well as their equivalent substitutions. All submittal reviews go through ECSI’s rigorous internal QA/QC process to ensure contractor adherence to the Contract Documents and design intent. Marked-up submittals are returned in PDF format.

During this phase ECSI is also available to respond to RFI’s, discuss design changes, and answer any questions that arise during construction.

ECSI conducts site visits during construction to inspect and review the installation and operation of door hardware, door openings, and detention equipment to provide our Clients with a detailed ‘punch list’ of items that require contractor resolution.
Often overlooked, this crucial Quality Assurance step ensures the highest Owner satisfaction. While the correct product can be specified and purchased for the project, if door hardware is not properly installed, problems can occur for years to come.
Utilizing ECSI’s Installation Compliance Inspections improves building functionality, life safety compliance, and reduces overall costs by ensuring the correct installation and operation of all openings and associated door hardware before Owner occupancy.

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